Technology applied to telemedicine

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CORSTET LLC - Software Design

Corstet LLC is a software design company specializing on developing telemedicine administrative software for medical services.

Corstet LLC has partnered with Trillo, a Google Cloud Partner, to develop for Corstet LLC the website designed to provide affordable telemedicine consultations with Spanish-speaking patients.

The Corstet LLC partnership with Trillo provides Corstet LLC and Trillo several competitive advantages in designing telemedicine software platforms customized to you organization’s telemedicine needs for the following reasons:

  • Corstet LLC and Trillo have already built for an extensive, proven, and tested telemedicine administrative software platform that includes a HIPAA compliant telemedicine SQL database designed to run on HIPAA-compliant Google Cloud Drive servers.
  • The programming code Corstet LLC and Trillo have developed for the platform is available to be incorporated into the customized telemedicine we develop for you. The result is that the Corstet LLC partnership with Trillo saves you time and money on the design process and coding required for your customized telemedicine needs.
  • Having developed for Spanish-speaking patients and physicians, the Corstet LLC partnership with Trillo has extensive experience in language applications that can provide your English-speaking telemedicine platform with a Spanish-speaking version.
  • The multi-language programming abilities of the Corstet LLC partnership with Trillo will allow you to extend telemedicine consultations to the growing audience of Spanish-speaking patients in America.
  • As a Google Cloud Partner, Trillo in working with Corstet LLC has proven experience developing completed telemedicine software platforms that cost development costs by up to 90% while also cutting development time by 90%.
  • Using the Trillo Workbench, the Trillo partnership with Corstet LLC has experience hiding cloud complexities by providing a higher-level abstraction to reduce costs while expediting the telemedicine software development process.
  • The Corstet LLC partnership with Trillo has extensive experience incorporating into our telemedicine administrative software electronic prescription services that are both HIPAA and SureScripts™ compliant.

Whether you medical practice is as a single practitioner, a large medical association, or a fully functional hospital facility, the Corstet LLC partnership with Trillo is ready and willing to consult with you or your customized needs for telemedicine software.

Offering an alternative to utilizing packaged telemedicine software built on making a limited number of choices from pre-developed components, Corstet LLC and Trillo are willing to consult with you on developing cost and time competitive customized telemedicine applications suited to meeting you particular medical practice needs, in both English and Spanish language versions.

For a Development Consultation with the Corstet LLC/Trillo management team, please click in the button and fill out the form.

Technology applied to telemedicine

English Español

Corstet welcomes you to hablaconunmd

Is a website developed entirely in Spanish so that those who wish to consult with an online doctor, can do so in their own language and from the comfort of their home.


It is very important to know that Corstet has tested the legibility of both TeleMd in English and Spanish and we can say that it works and helps all those who need to use the Service.


You need a consultation, trust Corstet and you will not stop using us. We are always ready to help you. TeleMd and you hand in hand!

Technology applied to telemedicine


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