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TeleMD Doctor Consultations By Phone

Corstet has partnered as a marketing affiliate with, an independent company providing one-time consultations by phone  with a doctor licensed in your state. The program charges a fixed fee for the TeleMD consultation. The program is designed to provide quick solutions to specific medical issues and concerns.  These TeleMDs are authorized to prescribe Dr. Zelenko’s protocol of Azithromycin, Hydroxychloroquine, and zinc to treat and prevent COVID (as deemed medically appropriate). The program is being expanded to address additional medical concerns such as diabetes, sexual dysfunction, birth control, and significant weight loss.

RAVKOO Digital Pharmacy

RAVKOO is a digital pharmacy with over 400 distribution centers nationwide in over 110 major cities.  RAVKOO digital pharmacy provides same-day or next-day prescription delivery to a pharmacy near you or to your doorstep.
RAVKOO digital pharmacy is designed to provide generic prescription drugs to patients without insurance. Your MD can call RAVKOO digital pharmacy to order your prescriptions filled by our generic drugs. RAVKOO digital pharmacy will deliver the drugs the same day or the next day to a pharmacy near you or to your doorstep free of charge.

RAVOO Prescription Discount Card

Start saving up to 90% on your prescriptions using our discount card
Our discount cards include all brand and generic medications, giving our patients a savings average up to 80% or more. Patients can easily find the lowest prices on their medications at over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. Choose RAVKOO as your preferred pharmacy by showing your doctor our information. Or, show the discount card to the pharmacy of your choice and start saving on your prescriptions! Apply for your RAVKOO discount card and start saving money on your prescriptions while getting free delivery!

Monthly Subscription TeleMD Services:

For College Students, Employees, and Union Workers

Corstet has teamed up with Advanced Health Systems, LLC, to provide a membership-based TeleMD services on a monthly subscription basis for individuals, for colleges and universities, and for businesses and organizations. For as little as $1/month subscribing members have access to 24/7/365 premium telemedicine, best-in class pharmaceutical services, and leading behavioral health services and innovative wellness coaching programs. is available for individuals, business employees, as well as members associations, unions , and group organizations. provides the same services, with both programs offering 195+ most common generic prescriptions included with consult, available from over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide.


MyVitalC Supplements

Corstet LLC has established a marketing affiliate agreement with, a leader in providing the purest form a a Nobel Prize winning molecule ESS60 that is systematically stirred in the dark at a controlled temperature with an inert buffer gas with only the best Certified Organic (MOSA, NOP) GMC-free olive oil sourced from olive orchards around the world. Finally, the product is lovingly poured into our medical-grade cobalt blue glass bottles, for protection against UV light, and shipped directly to you! MyVitalC contains important antioxidants and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Users have claimed benefits with extending lifespan, boosting the immune system, increasing mental agility, and boosting vitality. MyVitalC products are also available for pets — for dogs, with bacon flavor, and for cats, with salmon flavor.



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