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My Smartphone Doctor Individual Subscription

MySmartphoneDoctor membership-based telemedicine service that offers 24/7/365 premium telemedicine, best-in-class pharmaceutical services, leading behavioral health services and innovative wellness coaching programs. Now, there’s a realistic and affordable healthcare option for all business employees, as well as members of associations, unions and group organizations.

My College Doctor Individual Subscription

Includes Services Students Need Most

When They Need Them

MySmartPhoneDoctor and MyCollegeDoctor
Group Subscription Plans
Institutions that enroll ALL members can receive discounts per-member enrolled in the Subscription TeleMD program. Thus, corporations that want to enroll all workers, unions that want to enroll all union members, and colleges/universities that want to enroll all students can achieve considerable per member monthly subscription savings.
Institutional enrollments are done on case-by-case basis, with each group getting a particular subscription cost quote tailored to meet the needs of each group in particular.
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