Annuities is offering a full-range of fixed annuities, keying off Dr. Corsi’s 25-year+ career marketing financial services through bank to retail customers. Fixed annuities are contractual obligations of insurance companies that minimize risk for annuity investors. In contrast, variable annuities are securities products in which the annuity investor take the investment risk of a down securities market.
For over 25 years, starting in the early 1980s, Dr. Corsi worked in banking and finance, establishing investment programs for banks in the United States and worldwide to create financial planning services for their retail customers. During these years, Dr. Corsi was a senior officer in two bank marketing companies, Marketing One in Portland, Oregon, and Bankmark Inc., in New Jersey. that each grew to sell $1 billion in annuity sales and $1 billion in mutual fund sales annually through banks. 
In these years, Dr. Corsi worked with banks, insurance companies, and mutual fund companies throughout the United States. Having retired this year from active involvement in politics, Dr. Corsi has decided to resume his insurance career personally advising a select group of annuity customers on current opportunities to grow retirement savings through contemporary market-competitive indexed fixed annuities. specializes in offering fixed indexed annuities that allow the annuity investor to participate in the investment gains of a particular securities index, such as the S&P 500 index, or indexes by investment firms such as Goldman Sachs. Fixed indexed annuities allow annuity investors to participate in gains registered on the index tied to the annuity, without having to take risk of loss in down securities markets. Fixed indexed annuities also can provide the annuity investor with a guaranteed lifetime income stream, depending on the fixed annuity design.

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