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In today’s 30 minute broadcast, Dr. Corsi continues his series on the future of the energy industry and its effects on both individuals and nations.

According to the World Economic Forum, “COVID-19 is a game-changer for renewable energy.”

“COVID-19 has brought the generation of energy from fossil fuels to breaking point. As the lockdown measures were introduced, global energy demand dropped precipitously at levels not seen in 70 years. The IEA has estimated that overall energy demand contracted by 6% and energy-related emissions will decrease by 8% for 2020. Oil demand is expected to drop 9% and coal 8% for this year, while crude oil is at record-low prices.”

The myth of “fossil fuels” continues (sorry, oil is not dinosaur soup), oil is produced by microscopic bacteria. As the global warming fallacy morphed to climate change, the main weapon of the Army of Darkness, fear, continues. Add to that the fools black gold rush to wind and sunshine power is a toxic mix of bad science and a failed redo of the Obiden green energy fiasco of 2009.

Just how much effect has the Wuhan Virus had on the energy industry?

Does it really spell the death knell for oil?

This deep dive into the various facets of the energy topic gives you starting point information you will need to begin understand reality as we go forward into the brave new world ahead.

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