In today’s broadcast, Dr. Corsi continues his series on the causes and effects of inflation.

On October 8, 2020, Dr. Corsi posted an article entitled, “Dollar Crashing to Zero under an Unsustainable Amount of Debt”

Dr. Corsi wrote, “The U.S. dollar has joined other major currencies in a race to zero value as central banks are failing, unable to preserve purchasing power in fiat currency that has
lost 100% of its value since the U.S. went completely off of the the gold standard in 1971….The sad truth in this same time frame, U.S. national debt has on the average doubled every 8 years since 1981.”

In the past year, more US debt has been added than any time in American history.

Is crushing debt about to flatten US?

Will the trillions of dollars in new spending initiatives even go into effect before our entire economic system grinds to a halt?

This deep dive into the cause and effects of inflation gives you starting point information you will need to begin understand digital currency as we go forward into the brave new world ahead.

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