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In today’s broadcast, Dr. Corsi continues his series on the future of the energy industry and its effects on both individuals and nations.

The new administration is rapidly clamping down on all facets of US oil production. The radical measures are so draconian and irresponsible that even members of the Democrat party are objecting.
For example, the order to pause new oil and gas drilling on federal lands has caused Democrats who previously signed on to the Green New Deal initiatives to oppose the changes.

Specifically New Mexico Senators Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Lujan, sent a letter to the White House indicating that a permanent ban on oil drilling ban will cripple their state’s economy: “An extended and indefinite suspension would have significant impacts on our workforce and state funding for education and creates unnecessary uncertainty for New Mexico’s state and local tax revenues,”

However, it appears there is no going back for the leftists, and the war on oil is escalating.

At what point will Americans wake up to the realities of these disastrous policies?

How quickly will we reach $10 per gallon gas…followed by Venezuela 2.0?

This deep dive into the various facets of the energy topic gives you starting point information you will need to begin understand reality as we go forward into the brave new world ahead.

Do your own research, learn as much as you can, seek out the truth to enable you to make wise decisions. For knowledge is power, and ignorance is bliss. Choose power: Go to

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