EBOLA : An Emerging Threat 2014 (eBook only)


We can only hope we master Ebola in its early stages when it is at its most virulent, so that physicians and bacteriologists working furiously right now have a chance to tame the disease  before  Ebola  commits  suicide  by killing  off  huge numbers  of the human host on which Ebola seeks to live.

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NEW YORK – Aid agency Oxfam International1, has warned Ebola could become the “definitive disaster of our generation.”

Oxfam, an international organization of  some  17  aid  organizations  working  with local partners and communities in more than 90 countries around the globe should know, given its dedicated work in Liberia and Sierra Leone, two of the  three countries along with Guinea that are in the “eye of the storm” of the  2014 Ebola epidemic that characteristically began in Africa”

On  October  18,  2014,  the  Agence  French-Presse  (AFP)  reported2  Oxfam Chief executive Mark Goldring was calling for additional troops, more funding, and a rush of medical staff and equipment be sent immediately to tackle the West African epicenter of the disease outbreak.

“We cannot allow Ebola to  immobilize  us  in  fear,”  Godring  said,  “but countries that have failed to commit troops, doctors, and enough funding are in danger of costing lives,” he warned.

Truly the onset of the 2014 Ebola epidemic had about it a quality not dissimilar form the beginning of Will Smith’s 2007 movie, “I Am Legend.”3

In blockbuster feature film, we see Robert Neville, the character played by Smith, hearing a seemingly harmless news report that someone has been afflicted with      a man-made virus gone wrong, attacking humans when what medical scientists  had originally intended to create was a vaccine that would cure cancer.

At first, Robert Neville sees no reason to be concerned.

But in a remarkably short time the vicious virus goes worldwide, turning people to zombies in its path.

The virus, proving resistant to all efforts to kill it, proceeds to the point where Neville is literally the last man on earth. Neville is doomed to live in fear, hunted by the crazed zombie-humans, simply because he happens to have a natural immunity that prevents him from contracting the disease.

This book is available only by immediate download after purchase.

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