In 2006, I co-authored with J. Kenneth Blackwell a book entitled “Rebuilding America: A Prescription for Creating Strong Families, Building the Wealth of Working People, and Ending Welfare.”

I met Ken Blackwell during the 2004 presidential election, when he was serving as the Secretary of State for Ohio.  During that presidential election, the nation waited until Ohio went for President George W. Bush in an extremely close contest.  “Rebuilding America” was written to support Ken Blackwell’s 2006 race for Governor of Ohio.

The book argues the “Great Society” federal welfare state built by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, broke up black families, beginning a cycle of minority poverty that continues to this day.

The book presents evidence that the only sure way to eradicate poverty is by a return to traditional values, beginning with a commitment to procreating and educating children within strong marriages that are based upon strong morals and a belief in God.