Published in 2010, “The Shroud Codex” is my first and to-date only work of serious fiction.

I have been fascinated with the Shroud of Turin since the early 1960s when I first discovered the Shroud during a Jesuit retreat held for St. Ignatius High School students in Cleveland, Ohio.

Three times I have traveled to Turin, Italy, to see the Shroud in person — first during the Shroud Exhibition in 1998, and then with press credentials during the Shroud Exhibitions in 2010 and 2015. The “Shroud of Turin” tells the fictional story of Father Paul Bartholomew, a Catholic priest, who suffers a series of mystical incidents during which he experiences what Jesus Christ experienced in his trial, his torment of scourging, and finally his crucifixion.

Dr. Stephen Castle, a famous New York City psychiatrist, is convinced by New York Archbishop Carl Duncan to take on Father Bartholomew on behalf of the Vatican as a patient.

This book gave me the opportunity to sort through the extensive historical and scientific research I have conducted over decades investigating whether the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ or a brilliant Medieval forgery, as suggested by the carbon-14 dating tests conducted on small marginal samples cut from the Shroud by the Shroud of  by thee different internationally-recognized scientific laboratories in 1988.

My research for the book took me into the study of parallel universes that has developed out of Einstein’s relativity theory and subsequent physics experimentation with sub-atomic particles.

The book ends with a mysterious mystical experience as Dr. Castle brings Father Bartholomew to Rome for an in-person encounter with the pope and a private papal visit to Turin to examine the Shroud.