My second book in 2009 was “Why Israel Can’t Wait: The Coming War between Israel and Iran,” which is my third book calling attention to the nuclear threat created by Iran.

At the same time President Obama was in Cairo, Egypt, giving a speech proclaiming that he had experienced Islam on three continents, I was in Israel for nearly a month, interviewing top Israeli government and public policy officials about the dangers faced by Israel from Iran under an Obama presidency.

The book emphasized that Israel considered Iran to be an existential threat to the survival of the Jewish state.  The interviews made clear that Israel was prepared to defend itself, regardless of the cost.  I warned Israeli government officials and top think-tank non-governmental organizations that the Obama administration would favor the Palestinians, while attacking Israeli developments in the West Bank and Jerusalem that the previous Bush administration had agreed to allow.

The book concluded that Israel could not afford to wait until Iran was on the verge of developing nuclear weapons that could delivered by missiles to hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  I concluded that the Netanyahu government would take steps to contain Iran-backed terrorism by Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.  But I warned that without the resolve of the Obama administration, Iran would most likely be allowed to continue funding terrorism in the region while advancing toward the development of atomic weapons.

These predictions again proved accurate, as the Obama administration ended with Secretary of State Kerry forging an agreement with Iran and the EU that gave the green light to Iran’s development of nuclear weapons after a few years.