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Amazing Silver Half-Dollar Offer

Special Offer: Walking Liberty Half-Dollars $12.50 each!

Today I have a very special offer from Swiss America on one of the world’s safest assets: Silver Walking Liberty Half-Dollars.

Walking Liberty Half-Dollars are one of the most beautiful and popular U.S. silver coins ever minted – perhaps because they remind us of a time when our money was still backed by silver and “sound as a dollar.”

Today we’re living in a world full of financial uncertainty fueled by fears of the long-term economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The U.S. government and the Fed have thrown trillions of dollars at the problem in hopes of stemming the financial impact. However, the truth is; it was the Fed’s ultra-low interest rate policies over the last decade that fueled the current financial market bubble!

But there is one exception: gold and silver coins, which tend to remain stable and increase in value over time. No wonder Americans are turning to physical gold and silver for safety and growth potential.

United States Silver Walking Liberty Half-Dollars, minted from 1916-1947, are highly sought after by investors today because of their history, beauty and 100% liquidity.

Swiss America will ship Corstet readers circulated Silver Walking Liberty Half-Dollars for just $12.50/each delivered! (250 limit/customer)

Call now 800-289-2646 to take advantage of this special, limited Walking Liberty Half-Dollar offer

($0 shipping and handling!)

Swiss America – Corstet Partner

Why We Partnered With Swiss America

Swiss America is a private, family-owned firm in business since 1982, building strong portfolios of U.S. gold and silver coins for clients. Clients worldwide have turned to Swiss America to be educated on how precious metals in physical form offer the advantages of asset protection, the potential of profit, and the privacy of ownership that inspires peace of mind in troubled times.

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Please consult Swiss America to see how owning precious metals fits into your investment portfolio. When you look back in future years, you will consider investing in gold and silver one of the best financial decisions you have ever made.

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