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Dr. Corsi daily posts videos of his news events DECODES on these social media sites. The videos enable viewers to uncover the truth behind the many news articles and other printed analyses Dr. Corsi considers important to comprehend and predict political trends.

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“DEEP DIVE” Special Investigations

To complete his intelligence analysis briefings, Dr. Corsi presents on these subscriber only sites “deep dive” special investigations into important questions into politics and economics that continue to shape today’s news developments. Topics include examinations of the CIA’s role in the international drug trade, the role of major money center banks in laundering criminal money, providing a financial service without which could not operate. terrorists and drug cartels.

Other “deep dive” special investigations involve interviews, for instance, with important analysts who have spent years and often decades solving the mysteries behind the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963 — perhaps the key historical event that made us aware of the importance of “Deep State” actors operating behind the scenes.

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