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In today’s 30 minute broadcast, Dr. Corsi continues his series on the future of the energy industry and its effects on both individuals and nations.

According to “real progressives,” the Green New Deal will PREVENT Inflation.

That’s like saying prolonged exposure to the rays of the sun will prevent skin cancer.

The left knows how propaganda works…after all, they’ve been perfecting it for decades. Tell a whopper of a lie, repeat it often, activate your Mocking Bird Media minions, and suddenly, up is down, and right is wrong.

But what about truth you ponder? As Pontius Pilate said, “What is truth?”

Is $10.00 a gallon gas out of the question?

Will the left just dust off their 1990’s playbook and just say taxes are “investments” again?

When you leap off a building, reality only smacks you in the face when you reach the ground floor. How tall is this Green New Building?

This deep dive into the various facets of the energy topic gives you starting point information you will need to begin understand reality as we go forward into the brave new world ahead.

Do your own research, learn as much as you can, seek out the truth to enable you to make wise decisions. For knowledge is power, and ignorance is bliss. Choose power: Go to

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